College football Hall of fame &
Chick-fil-a Fan Experience

As interns at My Friend's Nephew, we were tasked with coming up with CFHOF's 2.0 campaign.
But because the CFHOF is anything but ordinary, with its impressive technology
and hands-on experience, our work had to reflect that.


CFHOF is one of a kind. Most would consider it an unofficial
wonder of the world and most certainly Atlanta’s Wonder of the World.
It’s not just any museum, it’s much much more.


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Coming up with new and fun experiences can be tough, but with CFHOF
means there’s no whining, crying, or frowning, because everyone’s
a happy camper. #MomFTW


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Football Fans

They don't just fit into one category, with CFHOF there's enough to make
any fan happy, no matter what kind you are. It will be as memorable
and amazing as the game itself, no doubt.


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Art Director: Megan Adams
ACD: Rob Williams
ECD: Josh Robinson