Ghost city tours - CHarleston

Most ghost tours are full of it. Ghost City isn’t. Hey, we said most.
Ghostwalkers are given a honest experience through the truths that haunt the Holy City, Charleston.


Placed in local Southern magazines as well as Paranormal enthusiast magazines.


Out of Home

Our print will also live as posters throughout the Holy City.

bus shelter

GT Bus Shelter.jpg


Just a friendly Southern introduction to Charleston, South Carolina.

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OUtdoor Billboards

Where would our manners be if we didn't give visitors a warm
welcome and a fond farewell from our hospitable city.

Ghost City Tours Billboard_Final.jpg
Ghost City Tours Billboard_Final_2.jpg



Whether on the tour or not, folks will be able to unlock a bit of Charleston’s past with a simple snap.



To intrigue people, GCT-Chas will dole out some hauntings. Because
nothing's scarier than 140 character ghost stories.  


Art Director:
Megan Adams